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Primary: 100WC

I am in Primary at BIS Hanoi

100 WC Week 8

by Annie Hull on 2019-10-29T09:41:00+07:00 | Comments

Dear diary

My name is Alan Never, I live in England with my parents and annoying older sister, Alina Never. Aline looks like a furious, pink balloon that’s about to pop (thanks to me). We also have a cat named Blissa Never. I got her for my 10th birthday. Alina hates Blissa because: Blissa sneaks into her room and covers her clothes in fur, Blissa scratches her claws of Alina’s posters of DUDE 4 (her favorite band) and I got Blissa for my 10th birthday so she carries my “birthday vibe” around.

Got to go now. Homework

“Alan! Homework!”



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